Is it mandatory to touch the Black Stone to perform Hajj or Umrah?

Is it Mandatory to Touch the Black Stone to Perform Hajj?

Is it Mandatory to Touch the Black Stone to Perform Hajj?
To touch or kiss the Black stones is not mandatory to perform the Hajj or Umrah. Some pilgrims make a violent jostling when they touch the Stone and the Southeast Angle (of the Kaaba). By jostling in this way, we are hurting ourselves as we are doing to others. This is especially the case for those who are accompanied by women. In addition, they can be the subject of a satanic instigation that makes them feel pleasure when rubbing a woman in this narrow place. Because the human being is (always) vulnerable to the impulses of the carnal soul. The result is a reprehensible situation at the foot of the Sacred House of Allah the Mighty and Majestic. What is serious everywhere, but especially in this place. Violent jostling to touch the Stone or the Southeast Angle is not recommended. If we can touch them calmly, so much the better, if not, let us signal to the Black Stone.

Kissing the Black Stones is Sunnah but not a condition of validity of Hajj or Umrah.

The TAWAF a pilgrim must act calmly and calmly, in order to keep in mind that he is obeying Allah.  
Some pilgrims believe that the "tawaf" circumambulation can only be correct if one kisses the Black Stone and that this gesture is a condition of validity of the rite, as is the case for the validity of major and minor pilgrimages. Which is a mistake? Kissing the Stone is a sunna (prophetic practice), but not an independent sunna because it is only done during the circumambulation, to my knowledge. If it is true that kissing the Stone is a sunnah and is neither an obligation nor a condition of validity (for the rite) it cannot be said that the circumambulation performed without kissing the Stone is inaccurate or incomplete. so as to generate a sin for its author. On the contrary, it is valid. In the event of a major stampede, it is preferable to make a sign to the Pierre. For this is how the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) acted in this case.

Hazrat Umar words Relating to Kissing Black Stone.

If someone asked us saying, the hustle and bustle prevails over the area of ​​the "TAWAF" circumambulation. What do you think? Is it better for me to commit myself to be able to touch the Stone or to be content with it? We would say: it is best to signal him according to the teaching of Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) which remains the best.
Some pilgrims believe that one does not touch the Stone and the Southeast Angle to worship them, but to seek blessing there; they massage them and then run their hands over their bodies with this intention. This is contrary to the objective of the act. Because touching or kissing the Stone expresses the veneration of Allah the Mighty and Majestic. This is why the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: Allah ou Akbar as if to signify that it was a question of venerating Allah the Mighty and Majestic and not of the simple fact of touching the Stone. This is also why the commander of the believers, Hazrat Umar (P.A.a) said when he touched the Stone: In the name of Allah, I know that you are only a stone that does not harm or benefit (anyone). If I hadn’t seen the Prophet kisses you, I wouldn’t.

Stone does not Harm or Benefit to Anyone.

The mistaken belief is found in some pilgrims who believe that the goal for which we touch the Black Stone and the Southeast Angle is to seek blessing. What pushes some to bring their young children, to massage the Stone or the Angle with their hands before passing these on their children.
This is the result of a mistaken belief that must be prohibited before explaining to people that these stones do not harm or benefit anyone and that touching them expresses the veneration of Allah the Mighty, the Majestic, the perpetuation of His reminder and the imitation of His Messenger (blessings and salvation be upon him).

Government Decision Due to COVID-19.

The Government of Saudia Arabia strictly banned the touching and kissing of Black Stone and the cover of Kabba due to the spread of COVID-19.

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